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Cabbage Rose

Your One-Stop Shop for Unique and Affordable Gift Items
Now carrying Craft beer & wine
About Cabbage Rose
Run by Scott and Troy, Cabbage Rose is a luxury gift items store located in the Maggie Valley area.

We sell unique gifts and eclectic finds. Bath and body products, Christmas decor, flameless pillar candles, lighted canvases, and more. Besides selling top-quality merchandise, we also have new merchandise that will keep you coming back to our store for more. Call 828-926-3079 now for details on the military DISCOUNTS that we offer on our services.

  • <strong>The Story Of Cabbage Rose</strong>
    The Story Of Cabbage Rose

    We, Scott and Troy, moved to Maggie Valley and opened a store called 'The Tarnished Swan' in 1982. It was a 400-square-foot space purchased with two thousand dollars borrowed from family. Scott worked in the store during the day while Troy was a waiter at J. Arthur's, a restaurant.

    In 1986, we expanded to a new shopping complex right in the center of Maggie Valley. Troy thought it would be a good idea to rent a store there, that’s when we opened a new store and called it Cabbage Rose. The Tarnished Swan was sold after a year to focus on Cabbage Rose.

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    Dedicated Customer Service Team
    Our reputation is build on customer service

    We always stay on top of what our customers are looking for and pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service while offering quality merchandise at great prices.

    We started out with just one section of our store which was about 3000 square feet and now we have grown to over 10,000 feet. You'll find ladies apparel, fashion jewelry, home accents, bath and body products, art, potpourri, and a 2500-square-foot Christmas shop under our roof!

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    A Shopping Experience You Won't Forget

    When you visit Cabbage Rose, it isn't just another shopping trip, it's an experience to remember! A memory to cherish when you look back on the good times spent in the Mountains.

    Over the years, Cabbage Rose has become more of a destination store than a shopping store. People from all over the world come to shop at Cabbage Rose, and usually pay two or three visits per trip. And for those of you who can't visit our physical store, you can always shop for our products on this retail site.

Explore our gifts

Find the perfect gift for almost any occasion at our gift shop.

  • Jewelry

    We understand that jewelry is a mark of expression and your own personal vibe. That's why we offer so many unique items, one-of-a-kind fashion jewelry, and handmade jewelry.

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    Women's Attire

    Our selection of women's attire is built on inspiration and comfort. We have clothing that is perfect for any day and can be dressed up or left super casual. We focus on boho and shabby sheek styles.

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    Art and Home Decor

    We carry quality silk florals and custom art arrangements that are sure you spark the artist inside of you. Our silk florals are top-notch and unique to their kind. Come design your own floral bouquet.

  • img_3957.jpg

    We have Christmas year-round at Cabbage Rose. Come and fall in love with our winter wonderland and shop til you feel the spirit of Christmas... even if it isn't December. We promise you will love it.

  • all-bags.jpg

    We know that a woman's handbag is a form of her own true expression. That's why we carry several name brands such as Myra Bag, Donna Sharp, Lifestyle Bags and Kavu. Express Yourself!

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    Bath and Body

    You are sure to smell like a dream after using our exotic range of Greenwich Bay body and bath products. Natural soaps, body lotions, and Spa Products. Our entire line will keep you smelling amazing.

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What our clients say
What some recent clients say about their experience with Cabbage Rose

Our clients' success is our purpose. That's why we're thrilled when they enjoy the Cabbage Rose experience.

Mary Katherine Whittle

"Unique and different kind of shopping experience. Beautiful items and a fantastic line of whimsical clothing!"

Mary Katherine Whittle
Christmas Puppy

"Love this shop, come every year. Friendly owner's and sales staff. Very unique items in addition to huge selection of Christmas decor."

Darlene Blum

"Excellent shop with plenty of home stuff and souvvenir gifts for all types of taste. You can even rent a sports car for a fun mountain drive."

Patrick Carn

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